What is the NF mark?

Above and beyond the standards in force, the NF mark is a collective certification mark.
The certification applies to the following technical characteristics:
  • Health
  • The environment
  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Quality of execution
The NF mark not only guarantees compliance with the applicable standards, but also with additional quality criteria that reflect consumers' needs.

The NF Ameublement certification of WM88

In the field of furniture, the FCBA is appointed by AFNOR Certification to deliver the NF Ameublement mark.
The mark's frame of reference consists of the general rules of the NF mark, the terms of management, the technical prescriptions and the Quality Assurance (QA) framework.

WM88 possède la certification NF Ameublemnt NF Ameublement certification coves the whole business (services and production workshops).
As proof of our NF Ameublement certification, WM88 displays the NF Ameublement logo on all certified products.

To obtain NF Ameublement certification, we provided the FCBA with evidence that our products complied with the relevant standards.

The relevant components were tested in a laboratory and we arranged an audit to validate the compliance of our quality management system.

Technical inspections are carried out every year to update the evidence base and the quality system is audited every 3 years.

Examples of tests performed on our furniture

Exemple de test pour la norme NF Ameublement

  • Opening drawers abruptly: 10 cycles of opening/closing the drawer, with the unit loaded.
  • Shelf bracket resistance: loaded shelf, 10 cycles of dropping a steel shelf weighing 1.7Kg.
  • Vertical load on a pivot door: with the unit loaded, 10 cycles of opening/closing the door, to which a weight of 30Kg is applied.