WM88 and PEFC certification

What is PEFC?

WM88 a fait certifier sa caîne de contrôleWM88's chain of custody is PEFC certified. Created in 1999, PEFC is the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes. It is designed to promote sustainable forest management and gives consumers proof that PEFC-certified wood or wood-based products contribute to sustainable forest management.

PEFC is an international organisation with a presence on every continent.
PEFC France is the French branch of this organisation. PEFC France encompasses all players in the forestry and wood sector, and representatives of conservation groups.

How does it work?

The work of PEFC France involves two complementary processes: forest certification and certification of companies' chains of custody in the wood and paper sector.
PEFC France's forest certification scheme is designed to guarantee respect for the economic, environmental and social functions of the forest.
The chain of custody rules make it possible to monitor flows and PEFC products within a company, and from one company to another.
The chain of custody describes the company's terms of operation, so monitoring can take place following a set of procedures.

Our certification

We were certified in March 2010, and are currently certified by the CTIB for a term of five years, with an annual control audit.
This chain of custody enables us to market PEFC certified products and thus meet customer demand.
A PEFC manual, referenced in our quality assurance system, describes how the PEFC chain of custody is set up at WM88.

How can I tell if a company is certified?

A certified company has a licence number shown beneath the PEFC logo.
To check if a company is certified, just go to the PEFC France website and enter the name of the company you're looking for, or the licence number.