WM88: Helping You Innovate

développement cuisine WM88Design is at the heart of our service offering

All year round, the product and development managers at WM88 observe the market and keep an eye open for new trends.
Whether technical or aesthetic, we can offer you these innovations before anyone else thanks to our close ties with our suppliers, so you have a head start on the competition.

Attentive to your needs, and proactive too

As well as meeting customer demand, every year we develop concepts that reflect our own interpretation of the market's expectations, in terms of design and functionality alike.

As a privileged partner, we will regularly stir your curiosity with previews of these new designs.

A project team by your side, to help you create better, faster and more safely

développement de gamme de meubles

We are so much more than just a sub-contractor.

WM88 gives you access to a real team of experts, to assist you throughout the whole project development process: design, R&D, quality, purchasing, production, logistics, etc.
You also have a direct point of contact to support you throughout the project.

Our geographical proximity makes it easy to meet up, and our ability to bring your project to life (3D CAD, realistic renderings, prototypes, showroom) facilitates discussion.

Making your offering stand out

On a market where "everything looks alike", how can you make your range stand out from the rest? How can you give it that "extra something" that will appeal to your customers?
By monitoring the market and observing consumer demands, we can help you make even the simplest products that bit more attractive.

Innovating … even in delivery and assembly

Our constant research into improving ease of assembly and installation, reducing delivery times and grouping together all the components for each order are some of the areas where we innovate to bring satisfaction to your customers, on top of the product itself.

More than ever, we aim to offer you "easier and quicker" solutions.