The sustainable management of our natural resources is a cause of growing concern for our modern societies. There is an increasing demand for transparency, responsible behaviour and ethics.
Dynamic businesses such as ours must be able to give their customers a guarantee of their products' origins.

WM88 has naturally joined the FSC® & PEFC certification scheme

WM s'engage pour le développement durableFSC® is an international system designed to promote products made following good practices in forestry throughout the world. It works by awarding a certification to forests and processing companies. It shows that the wood used comes from areas that uphold the principles of proper management, while respecting the environment local populations.

PEFC is the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes. It is designed to promote sustainable forest management and gives consumers proof that PEFC-certified wood or wood-based products contribute to sustainable forest management.
Find out more about PEFC Certification and WM88.

WM88 has naturally joined the FSC® & PEFC certification scheme. By implementing a chain of custody for raw materials, we can reassure our customers that our products meet their most profound aspirations.

In order to achieve this goal: WM 88's directors undertake to:

  • Promote products made following proper forest management practices, while upholding our environmental, social and economic principles.
  • Ensure that the relevant staff receive training about the chain of custody.
  • Apply the management procedures of the FSC® and PEFC chains of custody, to ensure the standards are met.
  • Never knowingly use wood from controversial sources, and perform checks on suppliers.
  • Agree to on-site or document-based inspections as part of the certification process.
  • Encourage suppliers to comply with FSC® and PEFC requirements.
  • Conduct FSC® and PEFC reviews:
    • once a month for the scorecards
    • at quality management reviews for the FSC® and PEFC system.