WM88 | An in-house test laboratory

laboratoire de test qualité WM88In the current climate, a business like WM88 must be responsive to its customers' demands.

In order to increase turnover in the years to come, we need to be proactive in terms of coming up with new products,innovation, use of new materials etc...

We can only market these innovations after ensuring that they meet our quality standards. This involves a number of product qualification tests:

- furniture safety tests
- durability tests

- solidity tests

…for greater Responsiveness

These tests must be performed at the product research phase and we therefore need to have very fast response times when it comes to modifying the product.
As things stand, all the accredited laboratories' response times are too long for us. This is why were created our own in-house test laboratory.

What types of test do we focus on?

Some of the NF EN 14749 safety standard tests: load, overload, shelves, pivot doors, extractable components...
Some finish tests in accordance with XP D60-050 standard General finish test methods: Colour stability, scratches, abrasion, resistance of surfaces to cold liquids, lacquer adhesion.
Internal test protocols to validate certain processes (in particular mirror gluing).