WM88 Furniture Range Design and Production with a sales team at your service

Développer une gamme de meublesWM88 is a French company which has made furniture since 1959. We are true specialists who create, design and manufacture flat pack furniture for Kitchens, Bathrooms and Dressing-Rooms.

The site, located in Châtenois in the Vosges and NF Ameublement certified, belongs to WEBER INDUSTRIES, a company that has been making and distributing furniture since 1922.

Drawing on real Vosges expertise, WM88 now has 150 employees working on an indoor site of 60 000m².

With a turnover of over 50 Million Euros, our customers are major Furniture and DIY retail chains (See our customers).

Our added values:

  • A sales team that understands your needs
    A single point of contact on our sales team
    A field team enabling us to liaise with stores
    A sales administration team that's responsive and always available
    15 days after-sales service
  • Real expertise in product design and manufacturing products
    A product manager, an external designer, collaborations with Freelancers to offer a wide range of designs, and experts at our design office working with 3D technologies are among the assets that help us put together offerings tailored to our customers' individual strategies.
  • An in-house quality laboratory for quality assurance
    In order to reassure our customers and ensure our products are quality certified, in partnership with the FCBA, we have an in-house quality laboratory.
    Our responsiveness and anticipation of safety tests mean our customers can be sure of the quality of our collections, and feel confident marketing them!
  • Logistics that combine quality and speed
    By maintaining a safety stock, we can ensure an availability rate of over 98%. A partnership we have had for over 20 years with our logistics and shipping provider enables us to deliver in ten days, offering a reliable service over the long term.
  • An in-house photo studio for multi-channel distribution.